4 One Million Goals

4 Goals, for 1 million people.

1. Brand Design
2. Business Design
3. Innovation
4. Descent Work

Support 1 million people to grow their businesses through;

Brand Design

Support businesses to built their brand identity. Many small business and start-ups continue to be challenged when it comes to building strong brands and identity.

The challenges are not only the financial aspects or affordability, but also lack of education about branding and design and lack of access to the right designers.

Our goal is not only design, but design together with them and educate so that they can understand.

Business Design

Giving support and inspiration from concept, to prototyping and strategy. We do not only care about design, but we care about the growth of our clients. With an over 5 years’ experience working with small business and doing consulting, our founder Daaki Joshua is committed to lead our business design support.

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Facilitating business growth through creative thinking and design. We like to think outside the box, and certainly we encourage and support our clients to do the same.

Descent Work

Ensuring fair compensation to our team, clients, and partners. Work life balance, mental health, personal growth, business working hours; all this matter to us. Are you looking for someone to talk to? We are here for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the development and growth of small businesses into strong brands.

Growing Small Businesses

Making all this possible by continuously introducing the right tools to businesses and guide them on how to use them.

What you should know about us.

1. We are small, but we think big.
2. We focus on results and we value timelines.
3. We work online, not showing up and dressing nicely.

We support individuals, businesses and organizations with business and brand design services. From ideation, logo design, identity design, website design, and hosting.


Our Founder

Meet Daaki Joshua

Our Founder

Meet Daaki Joshua

After 5 years of supporting local businesses, Joshua embarked of his journey of offering dedicated visual design and marketing collateral development services. Integrating his experience in Business Design and Marketing strategy into Graphic design, Web design and Copy-writing.

We are providing small businesses and corporate companies with inexpensive, yet unique and effective ways of telling their stories, leveraging social media, web, and connect with potential customers using content.


Join Our Community

We are building a community for entrepreneurs to get business support, access digital services, share their stories, network and ultimately collaborate.