Business Design

Get the necessary support to bring your ideas to life. From concept, to prototyping and strategy.

  • Dedicated Virtual and Phone Support
  • Scheduled Physical Meeting
  • Tailored Business Trainings

Our Offering

Business Model Design

A business model is your business plan for monetizing your idea and making a profit. We support businesses and individuals to structure their services, identify the right market segments and understand their key expenses.

MVP and Prototyping

Bring your ideas to life without breaking the bank and making unnecessary losses. Our approaches are designed to validate your hypothesis and to eliminate guesses.

Value Proposition Design

Its time now step into your customer’s or potential client’s shoes and imagine what matters to them. Having an understanding of their way of life or doing business is going to help us build a strong proposition for you.

Customer Experience Strategy

Track your customer interaction with a business and develop a strong and better experience. We will support you create post-sale and after-sale action points that will translate into the meaningful customer experience.

Digital Marketing

Access the necessary support to create a series of actions that will help your business reach potential customers and clients through wisely selected online marketing channels.

Ecosystem Mapping

Our system mapping tools are designed to capture your key business aspects influence your entire service environment, partners and aspects of your users or customers.


Go-to-market strategy is a tactical plan for your business of how you can succeed with your new offering and how you can improve your current offering and achieve a competitive advantage.