Kwanza Communications

Kwanza Communication is a public relations and communications firm based in Kampala, Uganda. They partner with businesses, organizations and individuals to evolve, protect and promote their brand.

Support Offered

  • Web site design and development 
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Accounts Setup


  • An elegant, responsive and fast website 
  • Supported the company to publish key case studies in their portfolio 
  • Published the team details on the website 
  • Published key clients testimonials on the website 
  • Strategically positioned call to action buttons on the websites 
  • Made the contact information easily accessible on the website 
  • A mobile friendly menu with links to key pages/information


The commitment to service from The Growth Office is very satisfying. I ordered for artworks and I received it in the time they promised to have finished it, even with the fact that I kept asking for changes to be made, I never at all got a hard time  from them. I was very impressed.