BrightLife/Finca Plus LLC

BrightLife provides education, distribution, financing and after-sales support for clean energy products, which include solar lanterns, solar home systems, solar appliances and improved cookstoves.

Support Offered

  • Graphic design Services
  • Branding for storefronts in different location
  • Printing services for marketing collateral and communication tools
  • Social media and digital communication support


  • Brand consistency across digital and print.
  • Timely delivery of print and marketing collateral has facilitated continuous and smooth marketing campaigns for the company.
  • Improved internal communications within the company, using tools like newsletters, internal memos and posters.
  • Facilitated social media growth, by providing artworks to support social media communications.


The commitment to service from The Growth Office is very satisfying. I ordered for artworks and I received it in the time they promised to have finished it, even with the fact that I kept asking for changes to be made, I never at all got a hard time  from them. I was very impressed.

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