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We live in a cutthroat world where one ought to be fully furnished with the necessary skills to navigate through. However, it’s saddening to note that the largest demographic – that is the youth – have not been prepared enough to face this reality. Little wonder, the rate of unemployment keeps shooting through the roof. Much as a sizeable fraction of responsibility falls on the shoulders of the government to create jobs for its masses, many young people of this generation are less ready to maneuver the intricacies of a constantly changing job market. And this is their greatest undoing.

The kind of education system under which we have been nurtured has not helped matters either. A very theoretical one, it has hindered thorough exercising and harnessing of any creative prowess that might be existent in the students. In the end, the system has churned out professionals who cannot bring anything new to the various stations where they could be employed. And obviously, they have subsequently been sidelined by many potential employers.

Getting started

Sadly, the current job market is severely littered with graduates of this ilk. These have not ceased to bemoan the system for its unfairness, and rightly so. However, a more sustainable solution to this conundrum that the young people find themselves in is in standing out. In whatever field one is in, it is prudent to strive to be the best there. But because thinking out of the box has been badly stifled by the system, many do not exactly know how to extricate themselves from this dire situation of averageness.

Get the right information

It has been mentioned time and again that knowledge is power. The truest adage. That saying holds truer in the times we are living in. Because unlike way back then, where information was hard to come by, Google and other internet platforms have now placed large amounts of information into our very palms. So it is inexcusable in this age not to have the right kind of information at your fingertips. If one is going to stand out, being knowledgeable about a myriad of issues is one thing that will ultimately place you on a pedestal anywhere.

A thoroughly stocked knowledge bank will play a key role in making you a problem solver. Because the world is seeking problem solvers, its opportunities always seek out those who are armed with urgent and sustainable solutions to its predicaments. And even its monies naturally gravitate to the pockets of those who have been able to identify a problem the people face and come up with a solution to it. Now, much as innate ingenuity plays big in aiding one to solve problems, acquired knowledge once employed appropriately will give you a head start in any problem-solving endeavor.


However, important to note is that merely being knowledgeable and a quick problem solver, will not take you far if you have not built within you people skills. Because our dreams and aspirations as humans are tied together, it is prudent to learn how to work with others if we are going to stand out at all. Among the innumerable people skills, the key in this regard is communication. Communication is one aspect that makes any human interaction possible. Without which, no information can be relayed. One of the greatest communication problems the world has today is that we listen to reply but not to understand. Learning how to be an active listener will make you a more effective communicator and henceforth place you in a place where you can easily be heard.

Finally, identify a niche. Normally this comes from a passion one has. Find something you are passionate about and sink all your effort into that vocation to fully master it. Becoming an authority on anything is a long time pursuit. It takes diligence, commitment, determination, and ultimately resilience. That no matter how many times you might fall, or whatever impediments may block your way, you still strive to make it.

You may not be in a position to do all things well but you could do something so well if you accord it the right amount of attention.

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