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Finding a free and good invoicing system can be tough, but today we present to you some of our best invoicing tools that we have tested and that we can comfortably recommend for your small business. But first, let us take time to understand why invoicing is important for your business.

Invoicing is one of those small tasks yet very important for every business regardless of size. Invoices help us to track and record daily transactions on goods and service delivery, enabling us to understand how much was sold in cash and the debts outstanding.

This makes invoicing one of the most valuable processes for every business. Invoices do not only help us to track payments, but also provide us with formality to collect payments. For example, if a customer doesn’t pay, you can legally present invoices as proof of service delivery.

Here are some invoicing software and systems that will help to enhance your remote working.


Bookipi is a free invoice maker platform that offers cloud invoicing and accounting solutions. All your transactions can be synced across all your devices (web, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows).

Key Features

Invoicing via email: This is not an automatic invoicing system, but it makes your invoicing easy and efficient. Invoicing can be done manually on your phone App or your laptop, but the invoice is automatically sent to the client via email. The app also automatically sends you a copy of the invoice.

Email Opening Notification: The app also notifies you when the client opens the invoice sent via email. This can be a good feature to help you understand if your client received the invoice or not.

Overdue Flags: The App also helps to flag overdue invoices in your admin dashboard. This reminds you to follow up on such invoices with a phone call or a reminder email.

Automatic Receipts: When invoices are marked paid in the admin dashboard, the system asks if you would like to send a receipt to the client.

Ability to create custom documents: The platform also offers a great option for administrators to create other financial documents like Quotations or Proforma Invoices.

Getting paid via the App: The app has an option for clients to pay you with PayPal or card. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in most countries in Africa. However, other features work just fine and perfect.

Reports and data: You can export your data in an excel format. This is a great way to backup your data and monthly transactions.

Visit their website to signup, download the app and give it a try.


Flutterwave makes it easy for you to make and accept payments from customers anywhere in the world. The platform offers great and seamless features, but you have to be a registered business to enjoy these great services. You must have a bank account for your business as well.


Ability to create payment links: Flutterwave is not just an invoicing system, it also lets you create payment links that you can share with your customers anywhere in the world. When the customer clicks on the links, they can pay you with mobile money or visa cards.

Flutterwave enables you to accept payments from customers in 150 currencies, including UGX, USD, GBP, Euro, and Yuan. Transaction fees can be included in your product final price or can be transferred to the customer when paying.

The platform is free, you only pay per transaction. All you have to do is sign up, set up your account, and start invoicing.

Create virtual Mastercard and VISA cards: Using their API, you can instantly create and manage virtual cards from your administrator dashboard. Virtual cards can be used online payment purposes.

You can sign up here to start using Flutterwave.


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