08th Dec 2018

Welcome to Startit 360

A workshop focused on supporting small businesses each year that have shown high interest to grow. We will bring together a number of experienced experts in business development and marketing to share strategies with start-ups, and freelancers.

At the end of the workshop, we are giving a grant worth $500 to the most exciting and innovative start-up/entrepreneur. The grant will support the venture in digital marketing and establishing a strong online presence. We have made it open for all attendants to register and apply for the grant.

Startit 360 targets creative thinkers, leaders, co-founders and freelancers who are looking at developing strong brands and services. We are focused to bringing together a network of valuable creative minds in business, inspiring speakers, and strong strategies to help you thrive.

What will you learn?

Our area of focus will be supporting entrepreneurs who are looking at starting/running projects or businesses with a small budget but at the same time be able to stand out from the competition. So, we are preparing presentations and training about Start-ups, Innovation and Productivity.

Startit 360 is organised by Hangout Foundation, a youth led network, with support from The Growth Office