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A platform focused solely on the creative arts of East Africa. The EA Scene is just that: a daily look into the very best of the arts from the region. We were part of their startup journey 🙂

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Questions about us

How do I work with The Growth Office?

Our business is built on retainer agreements. This helps us understand your business, build long-term relationships, avoid delays and offer more value to your business. We are just like an in-house design partner!

Do you offer one-time off services?

Yes, we do offer one-time off support. We can design a website, and you can manage it if you wish, we can design single flyers, magazines, posters, etc. even if we do not have a retainer agreement.

How do I access my work?

We send designed files via email, and WhatsApp or as preferred by the client. Your work remains backed up on our servers for up to 3 months. After that, you will have to manage your back up. Website files are always backup throughout the year as long as you pay the hosting fees.

How do you communicate?

We communicate via email, info@thegrowthoffice.com or using phone calls. Businesses on retainer agreements are attached to a primary contact person for regular communications and orders.

Do you offer printing services?

We are a design partner, but we can support our clients with printing that can maintain our design quality. We partner and work with the best printing companies in Uganda. On request, we can handle your printing especially if you want to save time and the hustle.

We are here to help you grow your business. Take advantage of our tools and experience.

Email: info@thegrowthoffice.com
Call us directly: +256 787 692564

Email: info@thegrowthoffice.com
Call us directly: +256 787 692564

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Our mission

To facilitate the development and growth of small businesses into strong brands using our experience and visual design tools.

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